Who would dare attempt to cajole a bleary-eyed Barbershop Harmony Society into joining him in logging yet more screen time watching our nerdy music in all its internet video glory? This guy.

I wanted to take a moment to invite you to watch some Westminster contest videos with me, despite wanting with every fiber of my being to go outside and play – away from this screen and keyboard that I suspect is slowly driving everyone nuts, but I digress. 

Our music has a history. My chapter, The Westminster Chorus, is almost 20 years old. Twenty Years. There’s a lot of history there. And I want to look at that history in a style that’s cosy and familiar and doesn’t need to make much sense: television. Here is an artist’s rendering of what I am making:

That’s right, I’m making a web series show with contest videos inter spliced with commentary. Documentary? Infotainment? Sensational Harold Hilling? Maaybe. Anyway, would you like to be on it? That would help me out a lot.

What I would need from you: After dinner some evening, say, 9pm, you, me and two other fine members of our singing organization watch some barbershop on our screens for 20 minutes. Should be fun. Whiskey clink sound.


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