Westminster Wins Gold in Pittsburgh


After an amazing International Convention in Pittsburgh, PA, we are extraordinarily pleased to announce the Westminster Chorus as your new Gold Medal Champions! This was the contest of a lifetime and something we will never forget. Our hearts were pounding as the announcers slowly marched towards the results, and our emotions ran wild after the call-off. Easy way to put it, our dreams have come true.

We would like to take a moment to thank a few people. First to our coaches: Aaron Dale, Tony DeRosa, Royce Ferguson and David McEachern. Next, a huge thank you to our wives, girlfriends, family and friends for all the support you gave us.

We would also like to recognize all the amazing competitors that crossed the stage on Friday, signifying one of the best chorus competitions of all time. A special congratulations goes to our brothers in the Alexandria Harmonizers (https://www.harmonizers.org/) and Central Standard (http://www.centralstandard.net/) for their amazing performances and medals. Finally, a HUGE congratulations to the Ambassadors of Harmony (http://aoh.org/). What an amazing chorus and a spectacular example of leadership, camaraderie, and all around ambassadors of the art form and all it represents. They are truly worthy of their name.

Thank you again to all those who have supported us financially, logistically, emotionally and spiritually. We are honored to have been able to share the stage with such amazing people. We vow to do our absolute best to embody the word “champion” in all that we do, and represent the society, district, and brotherhood with everything that we have.